• The path to an intelligent solution

    Ryvuss delivers a rich set of scalable web services purposely built for eCommerce
    websites and apps.

Scalable and robust design

We take a code as configuration approach as far as we can, so we have a system of callbacks that you register that we use to take values from your data to index.

Seamless integration

Setup your search engine in the cloud to get you up and running immediately. Our API will respond with blazingly fast updates and instant searches.

A faster experience

We currently provide bespoke data recommendations that integrate with search results to enhance customer experience by providing relevant information.

Products that work for you

Our array of bespoke products are ready to help your business grow

Blazingly fast search

Ryvuss search brings the power of a fully featured faceting engine allowing you to slice and dice search results. Combine facets with range and geo location queries in any arrangement you like, and our smart navigation will calculate all refinements for you.

Smart recommendations

Put your products in the hands of customers more effectively and give them what they really want. Use our out of the box cloud based platform to build integrated or stand-alone custom insights. Ryvuss Recommendations platform gives you the power to bring your data to life.

Cutting edge Media services

Leverage our years of infrastructure expertise with our cloud based image hosting services. Our image and video
hosting with advanced points of interest and stitching technologies are currently powering
some of the largest web properties in the Australian market.


Our media product features:


  • Feature tagging for image interest points
  • Easy to consume endpoint for image and coordinate metadata


  • Resizing on demand in auto-scaling environment
  • Caching support for pre-transformed images
  • Image cloud storage

360 View

  • 360 image navigation with photo gallery
  • Desktop and mobile capability with gesture support
  • Interactive image tagging with custom picture, video and web form integration


  • Sequential multiple video stitching
  • Video cloud storage
  • Transcoding for mobile devices

Case Studies

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